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GSM Aesthetic Monopole Tree

Telestructure provides various types of Aesthetic GSM products in different kind of design.

  • Monopole Tree

  • Advertisement Board

  • Lamp Pole

  • Islamic Minaret

  • Redone Panels


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Aesthetic Monopole

Aesthetic Monopole Tree is a disguised monopole constructed by tapered steel sections, finished with synthetic skin and bears well-groomed branches and leaves. This is a creation developed by TeleStructure and has become a popular alternative in Malaysia for mounting antennas and microwave dishes at desired heights. Many operators have opted for the Monopole Tree because its appearance, small footprint, lower installation cost as well as time-saving in the entire construction is simply irresistible. Telestructure is recognized by the industry as the pioneer of the Aesthetic Monopole Tree in Malaysia and in Sri Lanka. The available heights for this structure are from 16m, 24m, 30m, and 36m till 45m.


RF Transparent Advertisement Board

Many operators nowadays are putting up BTS stations by housing equipment and wireless signal apparatus onto the existing bill boards along highways and rural roads to gain better and larger network coverage. Structurally, most of these bill boards are not designed to accommodate this kind of additional loads and forces which are generated from the fixtures of sector antennas and microwave dishes. Even though, most of the operators have left with no choice but to install the sector antennas and microwave dishes protruding out the four edges of the bill board as the nature of the bill board panel materials could reduce and jeopardize the signal strength of wireless transmission. These additional fixtures have turned the bill board becomes an eyesore to the general community especially if it is located along the passage to a beautiful city. Furthermore, safety feature such as working platform and guard railing are normally provided very insufficiently. The maintenance technicians have to put themselves in a situation accompanying with elevated risk when they are working in murky surroundings particularly. Anyhow, if you work with Tele Bill Board, all these shortfalls have been well taken care of. Therefore, if you have one to ask for, do not hesitate to turn to Tele Bill Board as Tele Bill Board is specially designed with convincing elements which fully blends up with the up-to-date wireless telecommunication environment.


Aesthetic Lamp Pole

This is a decorative Telecommunication Monopole which looks like a Lighting Pole that blends into the surrounding environment. Our In-house design team is able to design it according to the client’s criteria and specifications, especially for this particular model. The recommended heights are 12m, 16m, 20m, 24m & 30meter. The main design criteria is it capable of withstanding designed wind speed of 120km/h and lateral sway is less than 0.5 degree under the designed wind at the top of the tree.


Islamic Minaret

Minaret, a vertical steel framework completely covered with superficial artistic panels and cornices, is an Islamic architectural symbol being built up to enhance the dignity of a mosque. This tower look elevated structure is usually mounted with public announcement system and illumination. Due to the traditional height of minaret, it is quite an ideal structure for mounting antennas and microwave dishes. All the wireless attachments are able to be housed and camouflaged inside the minaret without being seen openly. Besides, one or more equipment shelters can also be installed right below the bottom of minaret. The entire height of minaret is equipped with internal climbing system and platforms. A 30m high minaret is always found to be the most preferred structure as it blends perfectly to the mosque building and its surrounding. As the wireless telecommunication industries moving towards a newer generation now and then, it has become one of the best alternatives to put up BTS station especially in a fully developed Islamic environment whereby public complaint is unavoidable. Problems such as losses due to break in will be kept to minimum in the compound of a mosque and absolutely you do not have to worry about the supply of electricity at all.


Industry Recognition
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