Telestructure provides comprehensive engineering solution to the wireless relecomminication industry. Our organization equips with management depth, financial strength and more importantly the ten years experience in producing telecommunication engineering structure which has lead us become one of the most preferred wireless telecommunication engineering service prodiver in the Asia Pacific Regent.

Telestructure deeply understands the importance and needs for rapid network deployment which enhances our clients’ competencies in their rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment. We value our human and financial resources to offer high quality engineering services as demanding schedule is the rule of the game. Coupled with the best professional dedication to design pleasing solutions. We manage to enable our clients to concentrate fully on their core competencies without worrying about their purchased manufactured by us

Telestructure works with clients and engineering to design self-supporting towers, masts, monopoles, artificial monopoles trees, advertisement billboard, minaret, PU equipment shelter, as well as complementary antenna mounting brackets. Any products fabricated by us are able to be engineered to meet the standards as requested by clients.

TeleStructure works is committed to upkeep quality and cost effective products. Our state-of-art equipment provides high quality, yet a competitive priced products.